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Antarctic Expedition Sailing support yachts - Spirit of Sydney

Spirit of Sydney is designed to carry their crew in comfort, speed and safety across any oceans of the world and to the farthest and most remote corners. Both are tough aluminium expedition yachts with watertight bulkheads, specified for high latitudes and ice, equipped to operate in extreme and remote environments and suited to meet the requirements of small group private charters for ski-mountaineering, sea kayaking, film and photography support, drysuit diving, science support, whalewatchers or adventurers of all kinds. Contact us to join one of our - Adventures of a Lifetime!

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Dreaming of skiing in the "Wildest Place on Earth"?...check out

Antarctic Peninsula Expedition (February 3 – February 28, 2018)

Join Spirit of Sydney in Ushuaia, Argentina for a 25 day trip to the Antarctic Peninsula AND…THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!"